Professional Sports Massage


Despite the name Sports Massage, it is for both sports people and non sports people alike.


My treatments work on improving the quality of the soft tissues within the body, improving the blood supply throughout, releasing tension, flushing through lactic acid and realigning scar tissue.  I work to correct imbalances which accumulate through training and everyday activities. This allows greater freedom of movement and consequently a better quality of life. Various techniques, such as, Swedish massage, trigger point release, neuromuscular techniques, deep tissue massage and stretches are used throughout my treatments.  I work deeply and instinctively, responding to the muscles and soft tissues in the body; tailoring each treatment to the client’s physical needs.

I first visited Victoria when I pulled my hamstring earlier in 2015. Victoria’s professionalism, knowledge and treatment have made me feel so much better. As a result of this I have seen her many times since for a full body massage and I always feel fantastic afterwards. I would strongly recommend her”.
— Ann Taylor