I love researching new treatment therapies which I know will benefit my clients.

As an experienced therapist, I strongly believe in identifying and treating the underlying cause of illnesses or injuries and not merely dealing with the symptoms, to provide long-term benefits.

For that reason, I am delighted to expand my existing therapy services with the introduction of KORE therapy. 

What is KORE?

KORE (Kinaesthetic Optimum Recovery Enhancement) therapy is a holistic and neurologically based treatment system that pinpoints the root cause of pain, illness, imbalance and fatigue. By combining both eastern and western assessment and treatment techniques, KORE has made a significant impact from worldwide development spanning 25 years, with proven success in various areas of health recovery and increasing sporting performance. 

The relaxing treatment works by mobilising, releasing and removing restrictions to aid blood and lymph circulation to restore the body’s core balance. As a result, KORE can be used to treat a wide range of health, injury and chronic conditions. The therapy is suitable for all ages and I tailor the treatment specifically to suit the individual needs of each client to achieve optimum results.


"I first visited Victoria when I pulled my hamstring. Victoria’s professionalism, knowledge and treatment have made me feel so much better. As a result of this I have seen her many times since for a full body massage and I always feel fantastic afterwards. I would strongly recommend her”. Ann

"I have been going to Victoria for around 3 years now. I have been to another person and they were nowhere near as amazing as Victoria. I have several conditions, including chronic pain. Victoria always knows the best way to treat me and is always happy and inviting. I couldn’t imagine going to anyone else" Naomi

"I visited Victoria following an injury and have been going monthly now for the past 12 months. I made it part of my training as Victoria’s sports massage and cup treatment made me realise how important recovery and looking after your body is to a training schedule. All work is undertaken in a relaxed and professional manner and I would recommend the treatment to anyone!" David